Navneet is not only amazing in her knowledge of the area but her experience comes in handy in providing insight and a different perspective in helping us make a better decision. She was and is still our go-to for any guidance we need. Cherry on the cake is the fact that she is now a much loved  friend - we have been recommending her to anyone who needs some real estate expertise.

~ user9528061

We met Navneet at an open house.  Right away she engaged us at the right level of intensity.  At that point we had kicked around the idea of moving for years but we could not even articulate exactly what we were looking for.  For this reason we discouraged agents from wasting time on us.  We did  the same with Navneet, but she periodically checked in with us by emailing us listings and asking for our feedback.  We liked her low-touch approach at that stage, and that we could efficiently communicate with her through texts and emails despite our busy schedules.  It is obvious that through these feedback cycles, Navneet was honing in on what we wanted (although we still couldn't articulate it), because we gradually began asking her to show us more of the listings. 

We saw a lot of listings and in this hot market we were shocked by what some were going for.  At times we felt that it just wasn't going to happen, but Navneet remained responsive and optimistic, providing a consistent sense of calm that complemented our emotional ups and downs and instilled confidence in ourselves.  Eventually we found the house for us in Los Gatos and we knew it immediately.  Navneet helped us move on an offer quickly and we got the house.    

Throughout the closing process she never dropped a single ball, and made  it go as smooth as possible.  As an added bonus Navneet helped us find great tenants for our old house.  Aside from her skill as a real estate professional, Navneet also brings a rolodex of contacts for everything from inspectors to bankers that saved us an incredible amount of time.  Considering how quickly the market moves, this additional service was invaluable. 

We wholeheartedly recommend Navneet.

~ user8182999

Navneet helped my wife and I purchase a home in 2102. 

She was never pushy and had very good knowledge of the area and was very helpful in the purchase negotiations. 

She did a great job, and I can recommend her without reservation.

~ ralphvitagliano

My husband had worked with Navneet in the past when purchasing a condo and she helped us again with buying our current home. She showed us many many homes, over several months and was quick to get back to us with answers to all our questions. Navneet also was able to show us the potential of a home  both in terms of the area and the home itself with ideas on how to bring the value up with renovations or simple fixes or even where to put furniture.  

I liked Navneet's directness, tact, as well as her sensitivity. The process of buying a home is an emotional rollercoaster and it comes with a paperwork mountain and Navneet was able to help us throughout that entire process.

~ user51794448

We met Navneet at a house where she was representing the seller.  We ended up putting in a secondary bid at her suggestion.  Although that house didn't work out for us (primary bidder ended up with it), Navneet helped us find the house we ultimately purchased with her help.  She has been very  responsive, informative and helpful through each step in the process.  We recommend her highly.

~ horoline

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